Helleborus – A gift from mother nature

At this time of year Helleborus, more commonly known as winter rose, is really coming into its own.
How pretty, delicate and evocative of a country garden they are.
The cupped shaped flowers come in jewel colours of rose, wine red, claret, soft pinks as well as cream, white and green.



This flower loves the cool, the damp and lots of water (hence their name winter rose… this flower is actually not related to the rose) so make sure their stems are nicely submerged. Strip the leaves from below the water line. Keeping the water very clean and a little soapy helps with their longevity – adding a touch of dishwashing liquid in the water is a little free tip 

Warning: this is not a flower that will do well during a long warm car journey. Wet wrap or take a bucket if you need to travel a distance with your cut hellebores.

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