Tutorial – Structural Arrangements

Todays market selection includes structural looking varieties.

Structural flowers always look better when arranged in a more structural way. Therefore I will arrange them in my hand before I put them into the vase.
Choose a vase with a narrow neck for this arrangement because we want it to be held in place nicely by the vase and not be floating around looking silly in a wide necked vessel. Prepare your vase before you start arranging then your flowers can be plonked straight in when you are ready.
I started by holding the willow which makes an excellent base. I then added in the Leoco pins which are our focal flowers then the orchids which are our second focal flower (shortest one at the front). I then slotted in all the rest of the greenery into spaces around these, again shorter seemed foliage around the edges where it is better to have lower points.
Once I was finished I tied them off with twine to keep them in place and then trimmed the ends to a similar height – so that the point where I tied the flowers off would sit just below the rim of the vase. Voila!  This becomes more and more easy the more you do it.

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