Vases from Vessels Around the Home

When it comes to receiving and arranging flowers there is one thing you cannot be without and that is a vase or vessel to hold them and display them in.

Now there are of course the beautiful purpose made vases that you can buy from many different stores but some of these are really pricey and if you are anything like me and like to have an array of options to display your flowers in then owning lots of expensive vases is out of the question BUT there also many other options that you may already have at home but did not think of using as a vessel for your beautiful arrangments.

Amongst my favourite options are glass & ceramic cannisters meant for storing coffee & tea etc. just remove the lid and you have a vessel. I like to tie some brown twine around the top to add a little bit of interest. TIP: the twine that your Flower Project flowers are tied with is perfect for this.




Little glass bottles & jars are also great for displaying flowers and you can use many all grouped together or just a few flowers in one. Some of my favourites to collect are bottles from the Karma Kola range, antipodes water bottles, pasta sauce jars and the little dessert sauce bottles. You can even add some washi tape to the bottles and jars for something different.




Some other great vessels are jugs, I have a few that use to belong to my Grandmother that I just love to display flowers in and could easily be found in op shops. Or currently at Kmart for $8 you can get a metal jug, these are so good for displaying flowers due to their shape and they come in a few different colours too.




Without even owning a single vase you I am sure you could easily find many options in your home to display your beautiful arrangements, if it can hold water it can hold flowers!

Aimee Fleur

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