About Us

we are inspired by the smell of freshly picked mint & rosemary
we have a deep appreciation and respect for nature 
we get excited by the change in seasons
we love rambling hills and country gardens
we are inspired by art and design
we surround ourselves with fresh flowers
we wake up to the smell of a morning coffee
we love warm baths and a big fluffy towel
we energise from the warmth of the sun
we are all about cultivating creativity 
we aspire to make a difference 
we spread love and good vibes through flowers 
(we hope you enjoy The Flower Project)


A message from our founder Kathryn Bradley 

An important part of our mission statement for the business is the imparting of knowledge & skills around floristry. I would love to be able to take a new subscriber who may be a flower novice on a journey throughout their subscription and build them up step by step, delivery by delivery, into a confident home florist. And for those who already have skills and floral knowledge then we just aspire to simply impress with the quality and selection we send.

” I believe that creativity and spirituality are interconnected, by spirituality I am meaning the human spirit. It’s that place in us that never ends, which can not be accurately described by words and can only be felt by the heart. I hope that this project encourages people to express themselves once a week or once a fortnight, through nature and flowers and reap the benefits of a creative experience and the uplifting presence of flowers in their spaces. Touching, holding, seeing, feeling, all of this brought to your doorstep. An ever-changing bundle, a surprise, to open and enjoy not just for that moment but for all the moments as their beauty unravels. Life from beginning to end is so brief. Seize it. ”