A Vase for Every Occasion

A Vase for Every Occasion

I like vases. Really like them. I’d go as far to say they are my hobby.

This sort of hobby suits me perfectly, I don’t have to schedule it in, finding a slot one or two times a week for my flower holding vessels is ideal. They are a low maintenance pursuit with a high satisfaction factor – beautifying my laundry shelves while each one waits their turn to show itself off.

Time spent acquiring them is sporadic and enjoyable, scouring through jumble sales, markets, thrift stores, Nana’s friends deceased estates, you name it. Spending spare moments on Trade Me all in the effort to have that perfectly well rounded vase collection. Prettily hand painted pottery, dazzlingly glazed geometrics, fine cut crystal cones. I collect not only in order to satisfy a sense of personal aesthetics, for me having a vase to suit all range of floral happenings is my ultimate goal here.

Any flower devotee will know that an appropriate vase is almost as important as what is going in it.For those of you who don’t have quite as much vase gusto but want to know a few basics here you go:

At the flower markets height equals price. A tall item will fetch a price up to double that of its shorter counterpart. This is why having a tall vase or two in the collection is an essential – as not to be wasteful hacking off all that extra glory just because you weren’t prepared.

Choose vases with a small and medium sized openings so that you don’t need a forest to fill them or make your arrangement look complete. The wider the opening the more flowers you need. Have one wide-rimmed vase for the days you’re feeling super extravagant.

Keep in mind the width of the vase at the base as well as this will effect how your flowers will sit in the vase.


Glass vases are classic & don’t detract in anyway from your arrangement, a solid choice. The cleaner the better- use hot water (not boiling) to rinse at the end of cleaning to make yours really shine before filling.

Jam jars are an inexpensive way to display small arrangements dotted around your home however these are not, I repeat not, quirky anymore. A mainstream choice so if you’re wanting to showcase your individualism choose something more weird or unusual. Use your imagination.

Lastly – buy yourself a bottle brush for cleaning in those hard to reach places of your vase. Your flowers will thank you for it – they thrive off clean water.

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