Aimee Fleur Joins The Flower Project Blog

First things first I LOVE flowers! LOVE to grow them! LOVE to arrange them! LOVE to photograph them! I LOVE them! So the idea of a flower subscription where I get to receive beautiful market fresh flowers regularly that I can then arrange myself is quite possibly the best thing ever! I even love the fact that someone else chooses the blooms and foliage for me because honestly I find making those decisions difficult.

Secondly I should really introduce myself, my name is Aimee Fleur (meaning Beloved Flower) I am a mother of 2 girls, wife of just the 1 man  self-confessed Instagram addict and blogger at MyBelovedStyle. I blog and photograph all sorts, but flowers do tend to dominate my photographs especially.



When The Flower Project asked me to be a part of their blog I was truly over the moon, it could not feel like a better fit and I am so honoured to be able to contribute to something I think will bring joy to so many people. I look forward to sharing with you all my ideas & tips on arranging and caring for your flowers in your home.

I have been receiving my Flower Project subscription for 3 weeks now and could not be happier, I have fresh blooms in more than one room of my house at all times, they last so well as they arrive fresh from the markets that day and some of the specimens are amazing and so unique!

Here are some pics of some of the arrangements I have made with my Flower Project subscription flowers so far.


An arrangement in a special old glass jug




Tall & simple yet striking & elegant

Aimee Fleur

Visit My Beloved Style Aimee’s blog where she shares her passion for creating, styling interiors, amateur photography, gardening, DIY, upcycling, cooking, baking, styling flowers & more.


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