Red is just one of those colours. Love it or hate it it never ceases to make an impact.

Blood, wine, cherries, chillis, the colour of love.

I love red, but I mainly love it on its own as a singular colour in a vase.
You don’t see English buses or old fashioned telephone boxes throwing other colours in there do you? What about the coca-cola logo?

Then there is the classic red white and blue combo reminiscent of that classic French look – this can work for a floral arrangement with impact if you want to mix it up.

You can team up red, yellow and orange in an array of autumnal running into crunchy maple leaf-style goodness.

Red obviously goes well with black but this colour combo would rarely occur in a floral sense. Think wearing all back with a slick of red lippy, it’s almost too easy. I had a request for a red & black wedding bouquet once which had me reaching for the spray paint to make the berries included black. I was dubious at first but was presently surprised by the result.

Red is not for everyone, it can certainly be a tricky one. I like the modern & pure white washed look, the Scandinavian influence that’s swept the world by storm. I can certainly see the serenity in pale hues. However give me punchy, New York oyster martini bar vinyl booth vividness every now and then and I’m happy.

Just don’t put it next to pink or I might get mad.

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