Wreath Making Tutorial

Thank you for ordering your Wreath Making Kit from us!

Here are 5 easy steps to making your fresh wreath

Start by soaking your Oasis wreath face down in a bath or large sink of cold water, the water should be deeper than the wreath. The oasis wreath can absorb many times it’s size in water and has been scientifically designed to keep your flowers lasting longer all the way up to Christmas and even beyond. Leave to soak for an hour and then remove from the water and let any drips drip off before you place on the surface you are going to be working on.


You will be starting with greenery and filling the wreath up with all of the foliage you have first before you move onto your flowers. Use one type of greenery first – spacing it out so that you spread it across the wreath evenly before you move onto the next type of greenery.




Cut the pieces down so that you have approximately 4 – 5 cm of stem which you will strip of any leaves  before inserting it on an angle into the base. If the stem you are inserting into the base is much longer than this it makes it difficult later on when you are putting more in later because the network of stems within the oasis is fuller. Much less exposed stem than this to insert could eventuate in the stems falling out and we don’t want that.



Now you are ready to start adding to your oasis. Put the foliage along the top, around the outside and around the inside of the circle all leaning in the same direction. If you want your wreath to be large and bushy put the stems in at more of an angle to the base – more like 45 degrees. If you want your wreath to be less wild and more compact then put the stems in at more of a 20 degree angle (if you don’t like angles just put the stems in lying flatter to the oasis).



Now that you have built up your foliage, before you move onto your flowers/other items, turn your wreath in front of you and look for any gaps you can find and fill them with foliage too. Bring your self down to the height of the wreath on the table and look on the outside and inside rims, there should be no obvious very gaps of oasis showing. It might feel at this point like you have too much going on in the wreath and you need to move onto the flowers. But you really do need a good evenly spread base of foliage all over the whole wreath before you move on.



Now you are ready to move onto your flowers. I suggest using bigger flowers/items first and inserting them where you please. Then use the smaller flowers to fill in the last small gaps you may have.



Wreath care: Water your wreath every 5 days by pouring 2 cups of water gently over your wreath while it is sitting on a flat surface with a towel underneath.

Your wreath can last a longer time if you take out any flowers/green that die off and if your wreath needs it insert something else to take it’s place. Remember the stems need to be firm to penetrate the oasis

Once you have the hang of making this wreath you can make them year after year and add in dried items if you like them. For example: little ornamental apples, dried orange rounds,  cinnamon sticks, baubles, you can spray paint your pinecones … the options are endless and every one you make can be different.

Contact us if you just want an oasis base for a wreath this year or next, we have these in stock until sold out.

We would love to see your finished wreath! Post to our Facebook or instagram @the_flower_project_ and tag us!! Thanks and enjoy!

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